Jan 282011
 January 28, 2011  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance, Workplace

Back in December, Prakash Shama reported:

NHS staff in Scotland will be provided tracking devices as their security has been threatened from stalkers.

Under a new policy to ensure the safety of the NHS staff, the GPS technology will be employed, as announced by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which has 44,000 employees. With the help of the devices, the health visitors who provide services to patients at their homes if feel themselves at risk can press a panic button or could send alerts to their colleagues about the threat and location.

The safety measure has been adopted following a number of cases where staff members were harassed, followed, secretly photographed or their personal property was harmed. The policy was devised by NHS GGC after consulting with Strathclyde Police Domestic Abuse Task Force. The stalking cases could vary from sexual harassment to whispering campaigns.

Read more on TopNews.  I had emailed the NHS to ask for additional details on the program – including whether it was opt-out for those who might not want the offered protection.  NHS responded promptly that the person who knew the answers to my questions was away on holiday but would follow up on return.  I emailed NHS again recently to remind them that I was still awaiting more information, but have heard nothing.   So this might be a really great idea to help protect safety of employees, but it may also raise some privacy concerns and it would be nice to get more information about it.

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