Oct 062009
 October 6, 2009  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S., Online, Surveillance

Marc Chacksfield reports:

A new website is offering a £1,0000-a-month reward for spotting crimes captured on live CCTV cameras.

The initiative asks users to monitor random cameras across the country and report back on any dodgy behaviour. If you successfully report a crime, then you could be in for a cash reward.

On the Internet Eyes website (http://interneteyes.co.uk) the online snooping system is described as: “uniquely designed to be proactive in detecting crime as it happens… The general public can watch CCTV camera’s anywhere, and instantly alert the camera owner when a crime is committed.”

Looking at CCTV feeds on the internet breaches the UK’s Data Protection Act. ITPro has handily picked out a piece of legislation which highlights this, explaining that, when it comes to using CCTV images, “it would not be appropriate to disclose images of identifiable individuals to the media for entertainment purposes or place them on the internet.”

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