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 September 29, 2011  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Rio Ferdinand is ready to hear a ruling regarding a privacy action over a ‘kiss and tell’ story, which might draw him a maximum of 50,000-pound damage and a worldwide ‘contra mundum’ injunction if he wins it.

The England and Manchester United star brought his case for misuse of private information against MGN Ltd over a Sunday Mirror article in which interior designer Carly Storey gave her account of their 13-year relationship in return for 16,000 pounds, reports the Daily Star.

The 32-year-old claimed that the April 2010 piece – ‘My affair with England captain Rio’ – was a ‘gross invasion of his privacy’, and that he had not seen Storey for six years by the time it appeared.

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Of course, even if he were to get a worldwide injunction, U.S. media would likely ignore it under our First Amendment laws, as we’ve seen in other cases such as the case of a German who following his release from prison for murder, got an injunction prohibiting media anywhere from mentioning his name in conjunction with any coverage of the murder. Entities doing business in Germany had to comply with the German law, but those outside it, well, not so much.

Update:  He lost.

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