Oct 272010
 October 27, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Youth & Schools

Hmmm… I never actually posted this one after drafting it, it seems. So a few days later, but still of note:

University is a time at which many people are trying to establish an identity for themselves in which they feel comfortable and secure. Particularly early on in their stay at university, individuals are acutely conscious of how they portray themselves, and which choice snippets of life’s rich tapestry to share with new found friends.

It came as a rather nasty surprise when last week LGBT Social accidentally revealed the email addresses, and therefore identities, of the York students on their mailing list. By allowing this to happen, the committee have breached the privacy of those who entrusted them with very sensitive information, many of who may not yet feel comfortable having certain details enter the public domain.

While social chairs Robert Hughes and Michellie Young were quick to apologise for the error, many of those involved will be slow to forget such a careless mistake, particularly younger students for whom this may be their first real interaction with welfare provisions at York.

Read more on NOUSE, the University of York’s student web site.

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