Jul 072011
 July 7, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

The number of victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal could exceed 4,000, detectives leading the investigation have warned.

Martin Evans reports:

Officers were last night continuing to trawl through 11,000 pages of material handed over by News International and have said they will contact everyone involved as “soon as possible”.

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph revealed that the families of Armed Forces servicemen and women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan were among those whose private messages may have been intercepted by reporters working for the Sunday tabloid.

Read more on The Telegraph.

Yesterday, Rupert Murdoch was quoted as saying:

“Recent allegations of phone hacking and making payments to police with respect to the News of the World are deplorable and unacceptable.

Well, wait… is he saying that the allegations are deplorable and unacceptable or that the phone hacking his employees allegedly engaged in was deplorable and unacceptable?

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