Nov 272012
 November 27, 2012  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

Helen Lambourne reports:

A complaint against a weekly newspaper which published a story on an assault victim which included a photo of his injuries taken from Facebook has been rejected.

The Press Complaints Commission has published a ruling on a story by the Farnham Herald from 15 June with the headline “Assaulted after night out”.


Once again, it seems, users do not fully understand how their Facebook privacy controls work and how they are usually not as protected as they think they are:

The newspaper said one of its reporters, who had a mutual acquaintance with the complainant, had seen a comment – posted by this shared Facebook friend – identifying the complainant as the victim of the attack.

The reporter had then accessed the complainant’s Facebook page, which had no privacy settings, where the complainant had posted the photograph and had identified himself as the victim of an attack.


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