Dec 072009
 December 7, 2009  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online, Youth & Schools

The Isle of Wight County Press Reporter reports:

The contact details of every child in England have been published on a new online directory.

ContactPoint has been launched nationally and is specifically designed for people who work with children, like teachers, doctors and social workers.

It contains details of every child under the age of 18 and the services working with them. The database is now available to services on the Island.

Its main aim is to make services better for children and young people, by helping professionals who work with them find out who else in involved with the same child or young person.

Read more on County Press Online.

This database continues to give me a knot in my stomach, despite the fact that no medical records or school records are to be included in the database and despite the fact that some vulnerable children can have their addresses shielded if their parents or guardians request it.

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