Mar 082015
 March 8, 2015  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Tom McTague reports:

Families and businesses should install their own CCTV cameras to help catch burglars, Britain’s top police officer has said.

Bernard Hogan Howe said people often installed their home surveillance cameras too high – meaning only the tops of the criminals’ heads were caught on film.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said Britain needed more cameras to help fight crime and urged people to think about installing them.

Read more on Daily Mail.

What Howe doesn’t address (at least not as covered in this news story) is this question: if your camera caught a thief’s face (which they note is so much better than just the top of the criminal’s head!), would you then have to testify or be a witness in any criminal prosecution to confirm that it was your camera that caught the footage? And could anyone be unhappy with you for that testimony?

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