Nov 242009
 November 24, 2009  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Gregory Katz reports:

As many as three quarters of all black men in Britain aged 18-35 have had their genetic information placed on the country’s massive DNA database, a group charged with reviewing officials’ use of genetic technology said Tuesday.

The Human Genetics Commission – an independent government advisory board made up of scientists, lawyers and other experts – said young black males were “very highly over-represented” on the DNA register and could be unfairly stigmatized by being placed on the database in such large numbers.


Last month, security minister Alan West acknowledged that the overrepresentation of blacks and other minorities on the database was worrying, but said that “our initial look at this makes us feel that this is to do with the fact that in the criminal justice system as a whole there is overrepresentation of black people.”

“It is not because of a problem with the DNA database itself,” he told lawmakers.

Read more of this AP story on Taiwan News.

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