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 September 30, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

 Simoney Kyriakou reports:

Fos [Financial Ombudsman Service] has claimed that more data protection breaches are coming across its radar, where providers have disclosed personal and sensitive financial information.

According to Fos, one complaint involved a mortgage lender providing personal financial information about its client, Mr H, to his partner – who promptly left him when she found out he had debt problems.

The case study said that Mr H lived with his partner, Miss A, and their children. The mortgage on their house was in Mr H’s name. He had been having problems keeping up with his repayments for some time, but had not told Miss A.

The study said: “Worried that their home would be repossessed, Mr H asked Miss A if she could make a repayment. Mr H called the mortgage company to make the payment, and Miss A gave her payment details over the phone. During the call, the mortgage company told Miss A the account was significantly in arrears and by how much.

“A few days later Miss A left Mr H and moved away with their children.

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