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Keiligh Baker reports:

A female police officer is facing the sack after showing colleagues a picture of a detective’s penis, a misconduct hearing has heard.

PC Katie Jackson showed the explicit image on her mobile phone to several officers at Goole Police Station, East Yorkshire, despite being told by the officer not to.

A misconduct hearing at Goole Magistrates’ Court heard she had been told in a ten-minute conversation by her boss that she should not ‘blow it out of proportion’ and share the image with anyone else.

Det Sgt John Burrell of Humberside Police claimed Jackson and the officer who sent her the picture ‘had been flirting’ and the explicit snap had been subsequently sent.

Read more on Daily Mail.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think blockchain can fix this one…..

  One Response to “UK: Female police officer faces the sack for ‘sharing with other colleagues an unsolicited picture a detective sent her of his erect penis’”

  1. Blockchain would provide traceability.
    If you don’t want a penis photo shared, perhaps sending it isn’t a good idea?
    Same applies to other body parts and sexting in new relationships.

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