Nov 042015
 November 4, 2015  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S., Surveillance

It’s been presented to Parliament, and you can find it here, in all its 299 pages of dysglory?

Come back later, and I’ll likely have added some links to news reports and analyses of its language. For now, here’s the Home Secretary’s statement on the introduction of the bill.


Here Are The Spying Powers UK Authorities Will Have If Theresa May’s New Law Passes – James Ball on BuzzFeed.

Prediction and Verdict – the draft Investigatory Powers Bill – Graham Smith on Cyberleagle.

Theresa May unveils UK surveillance measures in wake of Snowden claims – Alan Travis, Patrick Wintour, and Ewen MacAskill onThe Guardian

Investigatory Powers Bill: Spoiler Alert – this is terrifying – Mairi Clare Rodgers on Liberty

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