Jul 042016
 July 4, 2016  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Seen on HawkTalk:

Were you phoned up by the Leave or Remain Campaigns on your ex-directory telephone number during the Referendum Campaign (probably in breach of PECR)? I was.  If so, how did they my number?

How did one of the Campaigns, for example, know who was a Millwall fan so the caller from a Campaign gloated (sorry, I mean commiserated) with him or her over the 3-1 defeat by Barnsley at Wembley in May?

Intrigued, I have done a little digging; first in relation to the Referendum Campaigns and then secondly with respect to the UK political parties. This blog summarises what I have found, mainly based on a reading of many turgid Privacy Policies; in short, some important privacy issues need attention.

Read more on Amberhawk.

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