Feb 092010
 February 9, 2010  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

The press watchdog has upheld two complaints from X Factor judge Dannii Minogue against the Daily Mirror and Daily Record over invasion of privacy.

The singer complained when the papers reported she was pregnant before her 12-week scan, which can establish the health of an unborn baby.


The Daily Mirror and Daily Record had argued that publication was justified on the grounds that information about the pregnancy had appeared on the Sydney Morning Herald website and a blog the day before.

The newspapers said this made the information available to the public and it had therefore ceased to be private.

However, the PCC rejected the argument saying any previous references had been speculative and not confirmed as fact.

The press code regarding privacy concerning health matters states: “As a matter of common sense newspapers and magazines should not reveal news of an individual’s pregnancy without consent before the 12-week scan, unless the information is known to such an extent that it would be perverse not to refer to it.”

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