Jan 222020
 January 22, 2020  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Sebastian Murphy-Bates reports:

Police caught a crossbow killer using tracking data from a stolen Land Rover after he shot a retired lecturer in the stomach with a high-powered bolt, a murder trial has hear.


Whall told police the vehicle had been stolen but investigations into the car’s movements, recored by its Telematic system and sent to Jaguar Landrover, found it had been driven to Mr Corrigan’s house the day before he was shot.

Mr Rouch said that the purpose of the trip was to ‘scope out’ and carry out a ‘recce’ of the house and the surroundings.

The Land Rover was also driven to the house on the night of the shooting, he said, with CCTV cameras also picking up its movements.

Telematics data revealed the boot had been open and closed during this time, which, Mr Rouch said, indicated the crossbow used in the killing being placed inside the car.

Read more on Daily Mail. I’ve quoted the above section of the news report to highlight how much detailed information is being revealed about you by your car.  And then there’s your phone, of course…

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