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 April 11, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Caroline Spelman, the Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary, has called for a ban on state snoopers and clipboard inspectors from entering homes.

The Conservatives will significantly rein back the powers of Whitehall bureaucrats, quango officials and town hall snoopers to enter people’s homes.

“Gordon Brown’s pledge to scale back powers of entry was a sham”, Spelman said. “His Labour Government has massively extended the powers of the state to invade your home and spy on law-abiding citizens”.

This comes amidst growing public concern about unregulated “home invasion” powers…

Read more on News on News.

The story goes on to give examples of the state’s power to enter your home. Some of the things that are permitted without a warrant would likely shock American readers:

State inspectors can raid properties to look for pot plants without a ‘plant passport’ (2005 Order); unregulated hypnotists (1952 Act); gambling without a licence (2005 Act); a dancing bear without a permit (1925 Act); if your fridge has the wrong energy rating (2004 Order); to hunt for rabbits (1954 Act); to look for bovine semen (2007 Order); to check your stamp collection for forged stamps (1868 Act); to check how long you are working (1998 Act); to look for German property (1949 Act); and to measure your hedge’s height (2003 Act).

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