Feb 112011
 February 11, 2011  Posted by  Featured News, Laws, Non-U.S.

From the UK’s Home Office:

An array of reforms in the Protection of Freedoms Bill will put an end to unwarranted local authority snooping and unnecessary scrutiny of individuals.

It will see:

  • an end to the routine monitoring of 9.3 million people under the radically reformed vetting and barring scheme
  • millions of householders protected from town hall snoopers checking their bins or school catchment area
  • scrapping Section 44 powers, which have been used to stop and search 100,000s of innocent people
  • a permanent reduction of the maximum period of pre-charge detention for terrorist suspect to 14 days
  • DNA samples and fingerprints of thousands of innocent people deleted from police databases
  • gay men being able to clear their name of out-of-date convictions for consensual acts
  • thousands of motorists protected from rogue wheel clamping firms

Read more from the Home Office.

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