Jul 282015
 July 28, 2015  Posted by  Non-U.S., Youth & Schools

Victoria Ward reports:

Children should have the option of deleting incriminating information or photographs of themselves posted online, ministers believe.

A series of internet rights for under-18s has been proposed in order to avoid embarrassment or compromised job prospects in later life.

Businesses and groups are being urged to sign up the iRights plan, which also calls for expiry dates for data relating to the under-18s.

Read more on The Telegraph.

The coverage doesn’t say what happens if a child wants a picture uploaded by their parent to Facebook removed, but if you look at iRights.uk, it seems that the plan applies to content that the under-18s have themselves created, and content created by others must undergo some unspecified balancing test.

In many respects, this proposal is similar to what California enacted, and overall, it’s a good idea to help prevent youth from being plagued in adulthood by youthful actions in posting images or information about themselves.

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