Jan 232021
 January 23, 2021  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Laws, Online

Hunton Andrews Kurth writes:

The recent UK case of Soriano v Forensic News and Others tested the territorial reach of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and represents the first UK judgment dealing with the territorial scope of the GDPR. This was a “service out” case, where the claimant, Walter T. Soriano, sought the Court’s permission under the UK Civil Procedure Rules to serve proceedings on the defendants, who were all domiciled in the U.S.

The defendants included Forensic News, a U.S.-based investigative journalism website, its owner and a number of journalists who contributed to the website. Mr. Soriano’s complaint related to ten internet publications and various social media postings, including on Facebook and on Twitter, published by Forensic News relating to various topics including Former President Trump’s financial affairs and the activities of Psy Group, a private Israeli intelligence company in Ukraine allegedly connected to Mr. Soriano.

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