Sep 152010
 September 15, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Alex Deane writes:

Just what is it with bureaucrats? They simply can’t stay out of dustbins!

In the aftermath of our research, which showed that some 2.6 million households up and down the country had microchips installed in their dustbins (and none of them had been asked), the new Government banned “pay as you throw” schemes. But the bin spies just keep going.

It’s emerged that 300 homes in Gloucestershire are going to have their rubbish snooped through by the Council – yet again, without their consent. The Council plans to sift through random bins to see if residents are meeting their strict recycling rules, introduced earlier this year, which reduced the frequency of bin collections to save money whilst sounding self-righteous encourage more recycling.

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