Dec 302010
 December 30, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Shades of TSA. Even in Uganda, the security “groping” of women is causing controversy. Joyce Namutebi reports:

Several women and human rights activists in Kampala have opposed the plan to start checking women’s bras for bombs.

In separate interviews, they argued that the measure was an abuse and a violation of their rights.

They urged the Government to come up with better methods of checking for bombs.

They vowed not to allow men “fondle” the “most sensitive parts” of their bodies and urged the Government to come up with descent and modern methods of checking for bombs.

However, some women supported the move, saying security should be a priority in the wake of terrorism threats, but stressed that the checks should be done by female security officers.

Police on Thursday urged hotel owners and their security personnel to thoroughly check women’s bras following a threat by terrorists to use “bra bombs.”

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