Mar 142010
 March 14, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Andrew de Castro reports:

James Hodgson, UCLU [University College London Union] Student Activities Officer, admitted that “mistakes were made” when mobile phone numbers and email addresses of Islamic Society and Medical Islamic Society members were released to Anti-Terror Police, without a legal requirement to do so.

The data was released in connection with the alleged bomb attack on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who was president of UCL’s ISoc [Islamic Society] between 2006-7. Hogdson apologised at UCL’s EGM [Extraordinary General Meeting] on Tuesday 9th March, adding; “It is now not a UCLU policy to release data, unless it is legally binding to do so.” The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) has been applying pressure on UCL for some time to determine who passed on unwarranted personal information.

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