May 062016
 May 6, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Surveillance

Mohit Kumar writes:

Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) is offering funding for security researchers who can help the agency to develop algorithms that can identify hackers under its new game-changing initiative called ‘Enhanced Attribution Program’.

Although organizations and countries give their best to identify cyber campaigns who infiltrated their critical infrastructure, tracking down the culprits has always been a difficult task — thanks to TOR, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and other methods used to hide the attack source.

However, through this new initiative, the United States military research agency DARPA hopes that agencies would quickly track and identify sophisticated hackers or criminal groups by monitoring their exact behavior and physical biometrics.

The aim of Enhanced Attribution program is to track personas continuously and create “algorithms for developing predictive behavioral profiles.

“The goal of the Enhanced Attribution (EA) program is to develop technologies for generating operationally and tactically relevant information about multiple concurrent independent malicious cyber campaigns, each involving several operators; and the means to share such information with any of a number of interested parties without putting at risk the sources and methods used for collection,” reads the project’s official site.

In other words, the Enhanced Attribution Program will not only help the government characterize the cyber criminal but also share the criminal’s modus operandi with potential victims and predict the attacker’s next target.

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Wait… “without putting at risk the sources and methods used for collection?” That sounds to me like a response to recent court cases where the government has dismissed cases rather than reveal their surveillance methods.

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