Apr 242021
 April 24, 2021  Posted by  Healthcare, Youth & Schools

Brice Bement reports:

“I was not testing because I had kidney problems and I was scared of getting Covid-19,” Antonio Ruiz, dismissed from the University of Illinois, said.

That’s the emotional response from one former student at the U of I. He was dismissed for failing to comply with Covid-19 testing. He’s the second student to be dismissed for that reason. We’ve brought you his story before, but now we’re hearing directly from him.

Antonio Ruiz says he has health problems so he did not want to get the tests. He was worried he would get the virus while out getting tested, and hardly left his apartment.

Read more on WCIA.

There is no national public health strategy in place when it comes to universities and colleges. Many schools  have decided not to require all students get vaccinated, although some large university systems in California and Maryland have decided to require such vaccination for all faculty, students, and staff returing in the fall. More than 30 schools will now have that policy.

The student in this case has appealed the dismissal.  And troublingly, the university told WCIA that his appeal “will be heard and decided by a panel of students, faculty, and staff.”

Seriously? They are qualified to consider the health issues and concerns?  And any laws that might make such mandates unconstitutional or illegal?  A panel of people without relevant health, medical, and legal knowledge probably should not be driving that school bus.


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