Nov 082019
 November 8, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Featured News, Healthcare

Scott Holland reports:

The University of Chicago has asked to be dismissed from a class action lawsuit accusing Google and the university’s hospital of improperly sharing patient data, as the hospital asserted the plaintiffs haven’t been able to demonstrate how the hospital harmed anyone.

On June 26, attorneys from the firm of Edelson P.C. filed a complaint in Chicago federal court on behalf of named plaintiff Matt Dinerstein alleging the University of Chicago Medical Center violated federal privacy law by sharing patient health records with Google, which the internet giant allegedly used to create its own electronic health record management system.

Read more on Cook County Record.

This is one to watch if you are particularly interested in medical privacy and HIPAA breaches. There is no private cause of action under HIPAA, but I wonder what HHS OCR will do about the U. Chicago’s conduct, assuming that someone actually filed a HIPAA complaint about all this.

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