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 June 22, 2016  Posted by  U.S., Workplace

(From Press Release From Katehi’s Legal Team)

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) has made a controversial determination that UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi does not have the right of privileged communication with her attorney during the course of an already compromised investigation launched in late April.

As reported in the Sacramento Bee this morning, the UCOP has now demanded that Chancellor Katehi turn over attorney-client privileged and confidential information contained in her work phones and computers.  Citing “university policy” that says UC owns the devices and therefore can confiscate them at any time, UCOP now seeks to violate California laws protecting privileged communications between a citizen and her attorney.

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  One Response to “U. California President Tells UC Davis Chancellor She Has No Right to Attorney-Client Privilege”

  1. This is another example of the Police State run amok. Fyi, the UC president is former DHS secretary Janet Napolitano.

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