Dec 222010
 December 22, 2010  Posted by  Court, Youth & Schools

James Draper reprots:

The mother of a Kilgore High School senior is suing the school and several of its employees in federal court, alleging that her daughter’s right to privacy was violated when she was forced to disclose her sexual orientation.

The Texas Civil Rights Project, based out of Austin, is handling the suit pro bono and filed on behalf of Barbara Wyatt for her daughter, Skye, with the U.S. District Court in Tyler on Monday.


For the complete text of the lawsuit, visit

Read more in the Kilgore News Herald. There seem to be two main issues – how the student was “interrogated” by staff about her sexual orientation and then the fact that the staff disclosed the orientation to the student’s parent.

Update: Courthouse News also covers this case.  Understanding that a complaint is unanswered allegations, I will say that I am absolutely appalled if the allegations are true.  Intruding on a student’s privacy with respect to sexual orientation is horrific enough.  Then “outing” the student to parent under the conditions described in the complaint is just likely to create a tremendous privacy harm and other types of psychological harm for the student and the family.  I would also note that if the allegations are true, the school district seemingly violated a second student’s privacy by identifying her as being gay, also.

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