Mar 042010
 March 4, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Joseph Tanfani reports:

Two information-technology employees at Lower Merion School District have been placed on leave while an investigation continues into the use of remote surveillance software on student laptops.

The two people authorized to activate the software – Michael Perbix, a network technician, and Carol Cafiero, information systems coordinator – were put on paid leave last week while lawyers and technicians examine how the remote system was used, The Inquirer learned today.

Lawyers for Cafiero and Perbix said their clients did nothing wrong. Perbix and Cafiero only turned on the remote software when a laptop was reported missing, they said – and administrators knew what they were doing.

“A phone call had to come from the high school to turn it on,” said Charles Mandracchia, attorney for Cafiero. “And if it was turned on it was turned on with the understanding that the computer was either lost or stolen.”


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