Mar 022012
 March 2, 2012  Posted by  Court, Online

John R. Ellement reports:

Social media giant Twitter handed over subscriber information yesterday for one Twitter account indirectly tied to the Occupy Boston protest, ending a court battle fought behind closed doors as Boston law enforcement investigated hacking attacks on the Police Department and a police union.

The administrative subpoena was first sent to Twitter in December requesting information on the following Twitter subscriber accounts and hashtags: Guido Fawkes, @pOisAnON, @OccupyBoston, #BostonPD, and #dOxcak3.

Read more on Boston Globe.  Based on statements made by prosecutors, it appears that the investigation/request is not primarily concerned with the OccupyBoston movement. So maybe this is all about the hacking of law enforcement-related web sites.  But whether “Guido Fawkes” (@p0isAn0N) is a target or his account is just being trawled to get data on others remains to be seen.

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