Nov 302012
 November 30, 2012  Posted by  Business, Court, Featured News, Online

Gerry Shih reports:

Jodee Rich, the Australian entrepreneur who founded the now defunct telco One.Tel, has won a court order granting him continued access to Twitter’s entire data stream for his analytics firm PeopleBrowsr.

The ruling comes as Twitter tightens its grip over the 140-character messages on its network, sparking debate in Silicon Valley over whether a social media company should or should not lay claim over its user-generated content.

Read more on The Age.

Don’t we have enough privacy problems without anyone and their brother being able to buy the entire stream and analyze, store it it, sell it, or throw it back in our faces when we’ve taken steps to protect our privacy a bit by using apps such as noloc? Yes, everything in public really can’t be private, and yes, firms have a right to monetize, but who/what will regulate the businesses our data is sold to?  No one?

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