May 082012
 May 8, 2012  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Online

AP/WAVY report that Twitter has turned over user info on four accounts that authorities suspect may be linked to an April 14 attack in which reporters were assaulted: obtained the police search warrants requesting posts and personal information from the Twitter accounts, including the users’ location and email addresses. The warrants note Twitter has complied with the request and sent the information.


Detectives say several Twitter postings afterward mentioned the incident. The search warrant states that Twitter users @MzDenisee , @Cooke2x, @POTENTDAPLUG, and @PINK_boyshorts posted several comments in reference to a “Caucasian male being assaulted on Church Street.”

Read more on WAVY. More background on the case can be found in yesterday’s Virginian-Pilot. So far, I’ve not found a copy of the warrant online.

In a different case where no warrant was issued, Twitter has filed a memorandum in support of Malcolm Harris’s motion to quash the subpoena for their records him. PrivacySOS has a nice summary of the three points Twitter raises in its memorandum, but basically, one of their points is that if the NY DA’s office is serious about getting the data, they should have provided a warrant or complied with California law. Previous coverage on this blog of the Malcolm Harris/Twitter case linked from here.

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