Jun 152014
 June 15, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Sometimes even routine announcements in local news such as births and baptisms can cause problems. Associated Press reports:

A former Muslim who converted to Christianity is suing a Tulsa church, alleging that its leaders endangered his life by publishing his baptism announcement online.

Identified as John Doe in court records, the man is a native of Syria who lives in Oklahoma. According to the lawsuit filed this week against First Presbyterian Church and its pastor, James Miller, the man was allegedly attacked on a trip to Syria after the church published a notice of his baptism online.

“In mid-January 2013, plaintiff was confronted by radical Muslims in Damascus, Syria, who told plaintiff that they had read of his Christian conversion on the Internet and that they were aware he had converted from Islam,” the lawsuit states. “Although plaintiff denied that he had converted to Christianity, his accusers were undeterred. … When plaintiff was unable to convince them, his accusers kidnapped him, bound him and blindfolded him and informed him that they were going to carry out his death sentence resulting from his conversion from Islam.”

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