Jun 252020
 June 25, 2020  Posted by  Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

Papers, Please! alerts us:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants more power to require ID from travelers (“credentialing”), control who is and who is not allowed to exercise their right to travel (“vetting”), and use and share information about travelers with more third parties and for more purposes (“expanded data use”).

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  One Response to “TSA wants more authority for ID demands, “vetting”, and data use”

  1. Yeah … uh … no.

    Well passed time to de-fund the TSA.

    If I’m not crossing a border, the TSA has no business asking for any ID. Paying cash should never be a key characteristic for govt delving into someone’s background.

    I think that my freedom is more important than my security.
    I prefer to live in a free but insecure world than in a perfectly safe but not free world.

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