Dec 282009
 December 28, 2009  Posted by  Surveillance

Over on The Volokh Conspiracy, Randy Barnett has posted a TSA security directive that was implemented on December 25, following the failed terrorist attack over Detroit. The directive seems to be circulating on the web, but I have not yet been able to confirm that this is, indeed, an official TSA directive because it is not on any government site that I have found as yet.

Of note, the directive does include the types of precautions described on Air Canada’s original travel advisory. From the directive:


1. During flight, the aircraft operator must ensure that the following procedures are followed:
1. Passengers must remain in seats beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.
2. Passenger access to carry-on baggage is prohibited beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.
3. Disable aircraft-integrated passenger communications systems and services (phone, internet access services, live television programming, global positioning systems) prior to boarding and during all phases of flight.
4. While over U.S. airspace, flight crew may not make any announcement to passengers concerning flight path or position over cities or landmarks.
5. Passengers may not have any blankets, pillows, or personal belongings on the lap beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.

The directive expires on December 30. You can read the whole thing here.

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