Apr 132011
 April 13, 2011  Posted by  Surveillance

Ed O’Keefe reports:

A Kentucky couple wants the TSA to change how it screens children after their 6-year-old daughter was frisked at the New Orleans airport. The couple posted a video of the search on YouTube. (April 13)

But TSA said Wednesday that the unidentified female officer followed proper current screening procedures.

The child’s mother, Selena Drexel, said Wednesday that her family was in the New Orleans airport last weekend returning to their home in Kentucky when the pat-down occurred. A TSA agent is seen in the video brushing the back of her hand along the child’s back and carefully inspecting around her waistline.

The incident, recorded and posted on YouTube by the girl’s parents, prompted critics to label it as another example of TSA’s aggressive security tactics.  Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), a leading critic of the agency’s passenger screening policies, called the incident “another example of mistreatment of an innocent American at the hands of TSA.”

Read more in the Washington Post.

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