Nov 122009
 November 12, 2009  Posted by  Court, Govt, Surveillance

TSA hassled the wrong person. Previous coverage here.

TSA has changed two rules about airport searches after an aide to Congressman Ron Paul recorded an incident on his iPhone. The rules changes have prompted the ACLU to drop legal action against TSA on behalf of Steve Bierfeldt.

Bierfeldt was detained in March while attempting to board a plane at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport carrying $4,700 in cash. TSA agents spent half an hour questioning him about why he was carrying so much cash, and Bierfeldt recorded the exchange on his iPhone.

Bierfeldt is the director of development for ‘Campaign for Liberty’, a group formed by Congressman Ron Paul’s after his failed presidential bid. Bierfeldt attempted to send a metal box with the cash and checks through a metal detector at the airport, precipitating the confrontation.

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