Nov 282010
 November 28, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance

From ANI:

A psychologist has said that the new security measures at the nation’s airports are the straws that broke the travellers’ backs.

UAB psychologist Josh Klapow, a professor in the School of Public Health, says it is the last straw for travellers, who are already feeling stressed.

“Invasive body scanners and pat downs are the tipping point that is putting us over the edge regarding air travel,” Klapow says.

“We’re so frustrated by air travel in general: the cost, the inconvenience, the almost de-humanizing experience.

“So it’s not surprising that people are rising up to object to the latest humiliations, the full body X-rays or the dreaded pat-down. It’s the last straw.

Read more on OneIndia.

While I agree with much of what the psychologists quoted in the news coverage state, I suspect that even had the other “straws” not previously occurred, some people would still be outraged over the “enhanced” patdowns and that unlike taking off your shoes or walking through a metal detector, aggressive patdowns are not something some people will ever accept unless there genuinely is reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

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