Apr 262017
 April 26, 2017  Posted by  Featured News

Tim  Johnson reports:

President Donald Trump has fought to ensure his own freedom from intrusion, acutely aware of what information could prove politically damaging, such as the release of his income tax returns.

But under the rubric of rolling back regulations or enforcing immigration laws, Trump has taken actions that critics say will erode privacy for U.S. citizens, along the country’s borders and in the privacy of their homes.

Among those actions, the administration has:

  • Increased search and seizure of electronic devices carried by travelers entering the country, both U.S. citizens and foreigners.
  • Moved to allow broadband providers to profit from the sale of data about the browsing habits of internet users.
  • Tinkered with language in the 1974 Privacy Act to explicitly deny foreigners visiting the United States protection from surveillance.

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