Apr 152018
 April 15, 2018  Posted by  Court, Healthcare

Lauren Pack reports:

Judge Donald Oda II issued a split decision concerning medical records for Brooke Skylar Richardson, meaning both the state and the defense may appeal the ruling.

Charles H. Rittgers said the defense team will appeal after the judge ruled physician-patient privilege did not apply to conversations between Richardson and a doctor at Hiltop OB-GYN, who after an appointment in July 12 called Carlisle police after said the teen had a child and buried it in the back yard.


Read more on WHIO.com. You might want to read this one starting with the “initial report” of their report and then working your way up their updates.  I have not followed the case from the beginning, but at issue, in part, is the confidentiality and privilege of the defendant’s communications to a medical provider.

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