May 172010
 May 17, 2010  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

Betsy Powell reports:

A Toronto woman says the billing practices of Rogers Wireless Inc. led to her husband discovering her extramarital affair.

Now the woman, whose husband walked out, is suing the communications giant for $600,000 for alleged invasion of privacy and breach of contract, the results of which she says have ruined her life.


The statement alleges Rogers “unilaterally terminated its cellular contract with the plaintiff that had been in her maiden name and included it in the husband’s account that was under his surname.

“The plaintiff’s maiden name and the husband’s surname were different. Such unilateral action by the defendant was done without the knowledge, information, belief, acquiescence or approval of the plaintiff.”


[Gabriella] Nagy’s lawyer, Edward Tonello, says this case is unprecedented in Canada.

“In Ontario, we don’t have a privacy act, unlike British Columbia and other provinces.”

Read more in the Toronto Star.

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