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 November 26, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

The Canadian Press reports:

A group of strippers and their waitress colleagues who met on the roof for their breaks have found out their hideaway wasn’t as private as they thought.

Women working at the Zanzibar Tavern, a strip club in Toronto, believed no one could see them when they popped out for a cigarette or cellphone call while still in their work attire.

But a Ryerson University librarian, Brian Cameron, took photos of the women from his office window in August and September. They were published Wednesday on Torontoist, a local news blog that interviewed Cameron and did a story on the pictures.

The images were previously posted on Flickr, an online photography site.

The club’s owner, Allen Cooper, says the women feel their privacy has been violated. Many dancers try to keep their occupation under wraps, something they won’t be able to do because the photos show their faces, he said.

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Carys Mills of the Toronto Star also covers the story.

I know what many Americans reader would think:  “No expectation of privacy in public spaces.”  Interestingly, the majority of people quoted in the news stories are supportive of the strippers’ right to privacy and feel that it was violated by taking pictures of them on a rooftop – even if it should turn how to be legal.

The site that posted the pictures has already removed almost all of them. I doubt if that would happen here.

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