Jun 202022
 June 20, 2022  Posted by  Court

Kathianne Boniello reports:

A prominent Brooklyn criminal-defense attorney was busted for breaking his son’s gaming laptop, but claimed it was cops who were wrong for “assaulting” his parental rights.

Tor Ekeland, 52, says his constitutional and civil rights were violated when two detectives charged him with criminal mischief for the January 2021 incident, in which his 13-year-old son allegedly lied about doing homework on the device — prompting the angry dad to throw it on the ground and stomp on it, according to a lawsuit.

Read more at New York Post.

So  in New York, a parent who tries to teach his kid a lesson for lying to him and not meeting his responsibilities gets charged criminally if he destroys his child’s device that he had paid for?

The charges against Ekeland have already been dropped, but this arrest and charges never should have happened. You may disagree with Ekeland’s parenting decision or commiserate with him if you’ve ever lost your patience with your own child, but this never should have been a criminal matter.

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