Feb 042019
 February 4, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Non-U.S.

TOI reports;:

The former head of the Israel Bar Association, Efi Nave, on Monday filed a civil lawsuit against Army Radio and a number of its journalists who obtained his cellphone and extracted possibly incriminating messages from the device relating to an alleged sex scandal that has rocked the judiciary system.

Nave is demanding NIS 7 million ($1.9 million) in compensation from the radio station via the Defense Ministry, as well as journalists Hadas Shtaif, Razi Barkai, Nurit Canetti, Ilil Shahar and station manager Shimon Elkabetz.

Read more on Times of Israel.

There are a lot of details that would make a significant difference if this case was in the U.S.  How did the reporter obtain the old phone?  Did the reporter pay for it to be hacked to gain access to the contents or otherwise encourage any conduct that might be unlawful?  Under Israeli law,  could the reporters have used all the contents if the old phone had already been hacked and then given to them to scroll through the contents?

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