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 February 21, 2013  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Cameron Evans writes:

New technologies offer great potential in the education setting, providing students and teachers with more opportunities for connection, more interactive ways of learning and anytime-anywhere access to education resources and tools. As a new generation of technologies rapidly makes its way into schools, administrators also need to ensure student data is secure and not used in unlawful or inappropriate ways by technology vendors who have access to that data. According to a recent Brunswick Insight Survey, overall, 93% of parents of children in grades preK-12 surveyed expressed concern regarding the online tracking of their children.  Given my company’s partnership with many education institutions and customers who must face privacy obligations in today’s hyper-connected online world, we know this is a major concern for administrators and parents that should be taken seriously.

There are five things every school can do to ensure students’ privacy and data are secured.

Read the 5 things on SmartBlog on Education.

h/t, Stephen Mutkoski

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