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 November 20, 2020  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Misc

Courtesy of NordPass:

Here are the worst 200 passwords of 2020. The list details how many times a password has been exposed, used, and how much time it would take to crack it. We also compare the worst passwords of 2019 and 2020, highlighting how their positions have changed. The green arrows indicate a rise in the position while the red ones – a fall off. Check if your password is on the list and strengthen it if it is.

Check the list at NordPass and see if your passwords are on it. It’s really somewhat ridiculous that in 2020, 123456 is still the most commong password.

Note that if you scroll down on that page, you will also find worst passwords by various factors like names, numbers, etc.  Take a few minutes to review your passwords. Afraid to use a complex password? Then use a password manager like LastPass. And use an authenticator app (not SMS to your phone!) to give yourself an extra layer of protection for accounts that are really important or at risk.

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