Nov 012015
 November 1, 2015  Posted by  Business, Court, Featured News

David G. Savage reports:

The Supreme Court is set to hear a clash between privacy laws that protect American consumers and the desire of online data providers to avoid potentially crippling lawsuits if they post inaccurate information on the Web.

On Monday the justices will take up the case of Thomas Robins, a Virginia man who sued Spokeo, a Pasadena-based tech company that calls itself a “people search engine.”

Spokeo sells profiles of people drawn from data available online. When the company produced a profile of Robins, he was surprised to see himself described as married with children, in his 50s, with a graduate degree and a professional job.

None of that was true. He was 29, unmarried and unemployed.

Read more on The Los Angeles Times.

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