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 December 3, 2014  Posted by  Court, Online

Kevin Milliken writes:

Toledo attorney Scott Ciolek didn’t like what he saw on-line: mug shots of his clients in the court of public opinion, long before ever getting their own day in court. The long-storied notion of ‘innocent before proven guilty’ was getting stomped for profit.


The Toledo attorney filed the original suit in 2012 on behalf of Debra Lashaway of Holland and Toledoans Otha Randall and graphic designer Phil Kaplan. Two of the three later had charges dismissed, but their mug shots kept appearing on websites.


Ciolek sued under Ohio’s right of publicity statute, claiming “wrongful appropriation, without consent, of the names, photographs, images, and likenesses of the plaintiffs for a commercial purpose that benefits only the defendants and to extort money from the plaintiffs.”

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