Mar 112023
 March 11, 2023  Posted by  Healthcare, Laws, U.S.

Earlier this week,  PogoWasRight linked to a story about women suing Texas after being denied life-saving emergency abortions. Today, you can read about a man in Texas who has sued three women who helped his ex-wife seek an abortion.

The erosion of women’s autonomy and healthcare rights under the current Supreme Court and some state legislatures is beyond despicable.

Isn’t there some principle of law that says if you kill someone in self-defense who is trying to kill you, it is justifiable?  If so, then let’s just acknowledge that people who try to prevent women from getting abortions when they are medically necessary or in extreme circumstances are recklessly endangering the woman’s life or actually trying to kill her and she would be justified in killing them.  No, huh?


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