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Daniel Emery reports the latest in a breach that started when a U.K. law firm pursuing file-sharers was hit with a DDoS attack as part of “Operation: Payback is a Bitch.”  During the process of recovery from the attack, the firm leaked sensitive e-mail on the web concerning thousands of adult porn viewers who had been the targets of their law firm’s activities.

The personal details of a further 8,000 people alleged to have shared music or films illegally have appeared online.

A list of more than 8,000 Sky broadband subscribers and a second of 400 PlusNet users surfaced following a security breach of legal firm ACS:Law.

It comes after a database of more than 5,000 people suspected of downloading adult films emerged yesterday.

The UK’s Information Commissioner said ACS:Law could be fined up to half a million pounds for the breaches.

The two new lists, produced by ACS:Law, contain the names, addresses and Internet addresses (IP addresses) of users suspected of illegally sharing music.

In addition, they contain details of how much compensation infringers paid ACS:Law, along with internal case notes.

The BBC has also seen e-mails which contain credit card details of people who have paid the firm compensation. Others contain responses from people claiming their innocence.

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