Oct 082018
 October 8, 2018  Posted by  Business

Peter Holley reports:

Imagine you’re riding a bicycle when you collide with a car and are thrown over the handlebars.

When you hit the street, you’re knocked unconscious and unable to call for help. In this scenario, you’re wholly dependent upon a stranger coming to your rescue.

If you’re in public, surrounded by people, that might not be a problem. But if you’re injured when you’re alone, hours could pass before you’re found.

The makers of one app claim that their technology now includes a feature they refer to as “automatic crash detection and response.” As of last week, Noonlight — an app designed to connect people with rescue services — began using an algorithm that taps into a smartphone’s sensors, allowing the platform to measure and detect minuscule changes in the user’s location, motion and force.

Read more on the Washington Post.

So if you’re drunk driving and hit something and come to a sudden crashing halt, your phone will call 911 for you – and testify against you in its own way? Interesting…..

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